About Us


«Color de Vida» Foundation

We are a non profit organization, with marked Biblical or Christian base, under the applicable laws and the Dominican Constitution.

The Overall Objective of the Foundation Color de Vida is to procure the educational, spiritual, physical, and environmental development of low income children and youth in the Dominican Republic; as well as to systematically work with the parents/tutors, simultaneously to create programs directed to improve the quality of life of the infants and its families

This mission will always be inspired by the Christian Grace, our goal is to promote the well-being of children and adolescents who are in high social risk in the Dominican Republic, so that «they have life and they have it abundantly», through the technical support and execution of designed programs to prevent its potential deterioration and to improve its entailment with the family, the school and the society.

FUNCOVI aspires to be one of the leaders organizations and pioneers in the Dominican Republic in the preventive work with the childhood in «high social risk», scientific investigator of the social problems related to the childhood, compromised with the fight against the delinquency, promoter of the interinstitutional cooperation, capable to offer technical support and manage collaboration between national and international resources. Every one of our members is proudly motivated to share the same vision and mission..