The School

The College Life Color is a dependency of the foundation color life ( FUNCOVI ) founded on September 9 , 2006, legally incorporated by resolution No.064 of the attorney general of the republic santiago judicial department , whose number of RNC. 4-30-05490-9 .

The school is intended initially for an enrollment of about 60 children who are teaching for the first cycle of basic education , with a futuristic vision of qualitative and quantitative growth . This project , which began as a homework room on 8 January 2007 , with just two tables made of plywood , 20 plastic chairs , a blackboard and 3 volunteer teachers , provoked an immediate student demand much greater than the space provided , so quickly sent to wooden benches, more tables and chairs .

Throughout these years of intense work we have gained achievements such as credibility , support and respect of the community. In addition to changing the lives of many children , helping with homework and teaching values ​​.

1. School environment Features Living Color

1.1 Social characteristics :

The neighborhoods surrounding the school color life are: Mayday neighborhood , Barrio flowers , south and Barrio Barrio Gregory

Luperon . In these districts there are neighborhood associations, churches of different denominations, parent support groups and friends.
1.2 Economic characteristics :

A high unemployment suffer the inhabitants of these towns , its economy is mainly based on agriculture ,

zones, small businesses such as bakeries, grocery stores, supermarkets , hardware stores, workshops , chips and other businesses

informal .
1.3 Natural features

Around the school in living color can be seen a vegetation composed by mangoes, avocados , bananas , guava , coconut

among other fruits .
1.4 Educational characteristics

Within the boundaries of work CCOVI Lyceum schools Matias Ramon Mella , Educational Pedro Henríquez Ureña ,

School and school Duarte Mayday, all these schools belong to the public sector .


Two . Physical condition of the college Color Life

The color school life is installed in a building consisting of two levels with roof cement, iron doors , glass,

blinds in aluminum and metal protectors . It has five classrooms educational , managerial offices , secretary, kitchen, two bathrooms, library area and recreation area , the perimeter is enclosed by a wall.

2.1 Furniture.

The school features armchairs, tables , chairs, benches , blackboards , desks .

2.2 Technological Equipment

The school has several computers , photocopier , fax machine, electric piano , TV , radio , educational videos in English and

Spanish , and educational games.

2.3 Human Resources :

The college life color has a staff of qualified , with a proper academic preparation in the area of ​​basic education.


Three . Characteristics of families

Families of children enrolled in school have Life Color socio-cultural, religious and economic to be

highlight . For example , a high rate of children who attend the school are separated or living with a relative or other guardian.

In most cases reached a low level of education or are illiterate. Similarly most live below the

poverty line , either because they are unemployed or have low-paying jobs .
April . Developing infrastructure project

The school aims to develop life color these infrastructure projects to improve campus

education :

• Draw a perimeter fence by placing chicken wire over the existing wall .

• Acquire a new plot to expand the recreational area and the

educational building .

• Build a room to deliver food to children.
May . Specific needs that seeks to meet the center

5.1 Needs to meet

That aims to satisfy needs color school life are:

Ensure that children enrolled in the 1st and 2nd school year to achieve the proper level in reading and writing and the

production thereof . This will allow further development of the student in the following levels of 3rd and 4th . So as to lead

decrease of repetition in these grades . The school aims to take children with disabilities to the existing task room evening hours , in order to seek a higher education development in them.

Children who enjoy a level of knowledge appropriate to the degree they are pursuing will be complemented with other activities

extracurricular such as: English language learning in courses taught in the evening hours , use and management of computer ,

crafts, arts and more.
June . Our educational offer

The Color of Life school has taken the current curriculum authorized by the ministry of education, assuming a curriculum

tuned to the same and integrating other elements that are monitoring the learning of our students , instilling values

patrios both human and others.
6.1 Competencies and developments in school children Living Color .

The school works to develop , among others , basic skills in their students :

• Communicate through reading, writing, speaking, etc. .

• Solve problems through mathematical logic.

6.2 Strategies and actions for achieving the competencies

➢ Accompanying teaching work by management.

➢ Integration of stakeholders in the education system and society.

➢ exchange of ideas within the school with parents and society


➢ Implementation of workshops for all school staff and

Color of Life Foundation .

8 – What sets us apart from any other

The child sponsorship program to be enrolled in school is the engine that drives all projects.

This school is distinguished from other schools by having a living tasks , which will complement its students .

Also implementing various courses to increase the knowledge level of our students.
8.1 Integration of stakeholders in school projects life color

For the formation of the school as well as project own school projects have integrated all actors

education to do . In the foreground is a member of the board of the foundation color life, arising as a project school . The school district

( 09-02 ) through the guidance of the district director and technicians have been integrated into the project . The parent company of boys and girls who attend the homework room has played a very important role with the contributions of his ideas. It is worth mentioning the guidance received by directors and teachers in other schools.

8.2 Design and color links college life

The college life color is projected as an educational center that will serve as a model for other institutions to end .

CCOVI a direct link with the Christian faith basing all its principles in the Bible doctrine . It also maintains close links

with neighborhood associations, such as: Board Nicolas silfa neighbors , neighborhood council district board flowers and union neighbors .
9. Principles underpinning the vision and mission of the college Color of Life.

9.1 Vision: The Color of Life College aspires to be one of the leading educational institutions in the town of Hope, in the


preventive work against deterioration of children at social risk , contracting beings capable of interacting in the society in which

unfold .

9.2 Mission: to promote good education to offer a better future

to children and contribute to society forming people able to perform any work .

9.3 Objectives of the aspirations of college life color

• Conduct social, cultural , educational and sports to contribute to the improvement of the child’s behavior and the child.

• Practice and disseminate the principles of cooperation and solidarity among students of the school staff .

• To promote cooperation between companies that services to children and the community with an altruistic and selfless .

• Developing leaders for community service .

• meet the needs of students such as school yvestimentas .

9.4 System continuous training of teachers

Teacher training will always be a priority for the school , because with it most effectively achieved in the development of effective education. The teachers and all administrators and school support Living Color will be trained each year through courses, workshops , courses , lectures and other means, in order to enhance the efficiency to everyone in their daily work, this will mandatory.

10 . Regulations college life color

The regulations of the college life color is based on rights and duties of all actors involved in this institution.

10.1 Duties and rights of teachers

duties :

• comply with your work schedule .

• request permission to be absent in your work schedule , in case of no excuse to send assistance with due justification and a substitute.

• Always wear appropriate clothing

• Always ensure an atmosphere of respect and cooperation to his partner in the institution .

• guidelines Acaptar the school board

• Attend the training sessions whenever the school requires.

Rights :

• Right to an opinion and be heard by larger instances .

• Right to be respected by others within the institution .

• Right to freedom of association.
10.2 Regulation of the support staff

duties :

• Adhere to the established work schedule .

• Do not leave without prior permission in your work schedule .

• Provide an environment of respect towards all staff working in the school.

• Do not enter without prior permission classrooms .

• Always wear modest attire .

• Abide by the guidelines of the school board

Rights :

• Right to be respected by others

• Right to an opinion and be heard. 10.3 Rights and duties of parents or guardians of students

duties :

• Must ensure the student’s attendance in the event that this assistance is not possible to send or make excuses for

letter explaining the reason for the non-presence of the child to class.

__ Ensure that their children arrive on time to school.

__procurar that their children attend school clean and tidy .

__Don’t Should talk to their children through the gates to prevent this must be done within the school with due permission.

__Don’t Classrooms wings must pass without permission of the management

__ Collaborate with teachers in creating habits of coexistence and respect for others , raising awareness to their children in the

best way to resolve conflict is through dialogue and in a polite and peaceful .

__Cooperar With the College life color everything related to the education of their children.

__Asistir Color to school life , the times required by the Department or the Professor.

__ Respect the managers , faculty and staff of the center, their rights, both in his person and in his work , as well as

Center facilities

___Respetar And school compliance with these Regulations .

Rights .

Parents or guardians of the school’s students have the right color life :

• To receive information on any matter relating to the education of their children.

• Have your child receives the education more complete and may color school life might be produced.

• To the Centre Division hears complaints and suggestions they consider useful.

• A membership organization of parents and friends of the school

The Parent Teacher Association can use the facilities of the Centre for implementation of activities that will be

own , with knowledge of the direction of the school and while not disturb the normal development of educational activities .

10.4 Duties and rights of students

• basic duty to study and learn , making school activities responsibly.

• Students will review and work tasks performed during the day in class.

• Respect the dignity and Teacher role and how many people work in the school as well as the general rules of coexistence


• To participate , to the extent that the qualities permit in the activities and organization of the center.

• To respect the building , furniture, equipment and facilities of the Centre as well as gardens and plants.

• To collaborate with peers and school staff in the activities undertaken .

• No student will remain in corridors and services without teacher permission .

• Class attendance is mandatory .

• Students come punctually at the center.

• The student once it has entered the center , and need to leave during school hours , will be accompanied by a parent

or a person assigned by management.
10.5 Sanctions

The violation of the duties of each lead to the following penalties according to their severity.

• Verbal warning

• Written warning

• Reporting to higher court

• submission to the disciplinary board .
10.6 Operation

All organs are coordinated by the school board color life , each of them being able to operate within range ,

fulfilling the functions for which they were created .
11. Resources and financing activities

The college life color makes the financing of their activities through dues and donations fund the latter

channeled through the foundation color life for the scholarship program and apadrimiento .

Our doors and most of all , the hands of hundreds of children who receive services at the Center are open waiting for the

help of all those people and institutions that can assist in this labor of love .